The Touch is a two step method by which Ovaforms transform Ningen into Etones. In the first step, a part of the Ovaform's flesh, typically their hand, begins to glow with a silver white light. If an Aeternal touches a Ningen's flesh with this glow, the Ningen will be transformed into the gender of the parent Ovaform (unless the parent is an Ovalisk). This inital magic is easily removed by those with the knowledge, but the switch is very real, including all biological elements.

Maintained contact will induce irresistible drowsiness in the victim within two to thirty seconds. The time period depends on how strong the Ningen's will is, and how aware of the danger they are in. Once an Aeternal puts his or her victim to sleep, he or she can then move to enter the Ningen's dreams and attempt to connect to that person's heart and soul. This is the second stage of the Touch.

When the 'mind dive' commences, the Ovaform places a shard of their own energy into the Ningen's spirit. The shard gradually changes the original spirit, until the shard and the spirit are the same type of energy. As this is happening, the Ovaform and the new Etone are locked into a mental communion, where the Aeternal is healing, comforting, and aiding the Etone physically, emotinally, and spiritually. How rapidly this change occurs is dependant on the recipent. If the recepient were exceptionally strong willed, and fought against the conversion, it might be possible to hold off conversion indefinitely.

The time elapsed in the communion state is subjective. It can be several days, or over in a matter of moments. External time however, is uniformly between fifteeen to thirty minutes. The more resistant to the conversion the Ningen is, the longer the process takes.

The new Etone awakens from this transformation with the word Arivida upon their lips. It is unknown where the word came from, but it is consistent in it's meaning. The new Etone always refers to their new "mother" as Arivida.

The new Etone's form is based on a distillation of thier own ideal of gender beauty, mingled with their Arivida's notion of same. Their clothing changes to match their new form, and is a meld of the Etone's preferences and the clothing that they were wearing during the Touch.

The Touch does not create a carbon copy of the Arivida, however. The new Etone still has all her memories, and all of her mental facilities are the same as before. They have their own motivations, and their own desires. The change that occurs, and there IS a mental change, is simply as if that person has been mentally healed and surrounded by the most potent support group in the multiverse during thier mental healing. They are adjusted to their new form, and as a result of the healing, very deeply emotionally attached to their "mother" (Arivida).

When an Ovaform performs a Touch, he or she is looking for a core of energy within the person, the type of energy that typifies the Ovaform. If the energy is strongly aspected male or female, then the Etone will become that sort of Ovaform. In this way, an Ovaform can create an Ewigil or an Aeternal.

If the target of the Touch has none of the traits that an Ovaform seeks when he or she performs a Touch, or the Ningen's traits are perfectly in balance, then a conversion is is impossible, and simply fails, though the magic which allowed the gender switch is still present.

For most however, the transformation is a welcome boon, healing and comforting the soul, and providing the reassurance and love of the new Aeternal's sisters.

Once the Touch is complete, the Ningen is now an Etone. There are only two known ways to return: If the new Etone wholeheartedly and completely dislikes thier new form, and what they have become, or, if the Etheriginae for that world is killed. Only under those circumstances will the Etone return to Ningen form. This is very rare, as most who are Touched are very happy with themselves and the world since they've just had a complete purging of their negative emotions and counseling to overcome and heal their deepest fears and hurts.

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