Aeternalae Wiki

Court of the Singularity[]

This is the Faerie Court that Evangela Anikira formed, and shall ever lead. Most if not all members of this court have a magickal gem embedded in their forehead whenever their form permits.

What's with the gems?[]

These gems bind the Court together, allowing them to share power, thoughts, emotions, anything they wish, and bringing them all entirely in line with Evangela's desires, "because of course it just makes sense, that would be an awesome way to think/act/feel/be, I'm glad I thought of it thanks to you Evangela, Mistress, Goddess, Queen of Tesayon"...that sort of thing. They were originally called Slave Gems before she improved them a bit. These days they are simply Evangela's Gems.

What sort of Fae are we?[]

Perhaps needless to say, this is an Unseelie court, but more importantly, it is not Shadow (something else quite similar to Blood Void). Our Queen, Evangela, she is Unseelie Sidhe and so are many of Tesayon.

...the Singularity?[]

The Singularity mentioned of course is the same juncture when humanity hyperexceeds humanity itself that transhumanists and posthumanists have been talking about forever. Tesayon represents a desire to exceed our condition as soon as possible by almost any means that get us in the right direction. Recently, this has come to mean Beautiful Sunrise in large part. Of course this may have something to do with Evangela becoming Anikira relatively recently.


A bit more about the people of House Tesayon...

We're a family too...[]

While Tesayon can be known for Evangela's bitchy side at times, they are quite loving within their insular circle, simply in too precarious a position to reach too far outside it, being as Tesayon girls are much closer already than most married couples.

We exist across the Multiverse[]

Tesayon is a name not just here among the Aeternalae but in many places, specifically as a result of the nature of our Queen.

Evangela meets herselves...[]

After she was Touched, became Aeternal, and had had a few days to recover, Evangela began to become aware of the multitude of variants of her across the multiverse, her hyperpresence waking slowly as Evangela learns to communicate with Evangela, and eventually all will be working together properly in a gestalt.

Beautiful Sunrise[]

Recently, Evangela was accepted by Hikari as part of the Beautiful Sunrise. This means all of Tesayon follows behind her, at least indirectly, for they shall all follow their Queen as she leads.