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What is this? I don't even... As this Wiki's admin it's my job to maintain this Wiki and make sure everything is in order. I do not mean any offense in the following as I am a nice and helpful admin and will provide constructive criticism wherever necessary. If this is a new Ovaform, such action will need approval from the community before it becomes cannon and can be placed in the wiki. And it cannot be named after it's creator, that's just waaay too Mary Sue-esc, and frankly can be taken as being a bit self-centered.

Please refer to the article on Aeternalae, there you will find a redlink for the Mozoku Aeternalae from Makai. These are believed to be Aeternalae of a more aggressive and chaotic/discordian nature, and are probably what you're thinking about. It is with that reasoning that this "AeternalEvae" article should be considered marked for deletion in my humble opinion.

Millinescence 02:42, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

My reply would be...redirect? perhaps its *her* name for them

  • *THOUGH* I will add -- I intend NON Mozoku features too such as the [perhaps not safe for this wiki :/] tendency to fall in (only) poly lesbian love...often...
    • Perhaps they're an offshoot specifically *of* Mozoku Aeternalae? adding Darkness, Fire, Light, Glamour, Mirror and Crystal to that Chaos?

-- Aylira Evangela Anikira Tesayon 07:01, June 6, 2012 (UTC)

Re: your first point the name sucks, I needed something, please suggest something else or what to move this page to.

Re: community discussion, ok, sure, but this is also an Otherkin thing for us, we're trying to describe what we are and have been told is way outside the norm & runs true (if diminished in intensity slightly) in our Aninae. I am unsure how but very willing to proceed with discussion, save that I am what I am, etc.; so its complicated.