Sophia Anieri








January, 2006


Eri Anikemi




Sophia Anieri appears as a girl with violet hair and green eyes, and is one of the earlier Aninae of Eri Anikemi. She first learned about the Aeternals in the year 2004CE and later joined the forum to find out more about it. At first, she didn't know if she wanted to become one or not.

Ningen History

She met other Aeternals as they joined and was offered the Touch for the first time by Alyta Anieri. Due to her nervousness, she refused. But at the time Sophia was still worried about whether that was truly what she wanted. She could feel that it was real, so it wasn't something she could simply dismiss as pretend like some of the others did.

Two whole years passed...then in 2006 she started talking to Eri and Kerina a lot more and felt alot calmer when she did. So in January Sophia asked Eri for the Touch and became Sophia Anieri.

Life as an Aeternal

Since then, Sophia has become more spiritually aware. And thanks to Kerina, Eri, and years of being with the Aeternalae, she is pretty well educated in Aeternal lore. She is most notable for her "color-reading" ability. At times she is able to sense the color of a fellow Ovaform's Touch-glow, as well as tell one's personality traits or current state of mind based on this color. At times, she will also perceive impressions of these colors from Ningen who have been exposed to Influence.

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