Shinkai, like Makai is a half physical, half spiritual subrealm of the Third Realm.

Like other parts of the Third Realm, Shinkai is difficult to describe. Unlike Makai, however, it is somewhat comprehensible at least. It is a realm of absolute order that lies parallel to a First Realm. It is a peaceful idyllic landscape and its features are highly reminiscient of some Christian versions of Heaven. Indeed, the term was derived from the Shinto mythos about where good souls go after death (depending on who is describing it, it is either where judgment of reincarnation is made, or it is their Heaven). Its bucolic landscapes, however, make it an peaceful realm for individuals to exist on.  While Angels tend not to directly enter Reikai, many peaceful races and people make their lives in Reikai without harm coming to them.  Just because there is no harm, however, does not mean that there is a lack of adventure to be had there...

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