"Re-Touching" is an interesting concept indeed, and could sound like something done on Photoshop, but in this case it's actually quite different. It's a colloquial term in which the principals involved are rather similar to an Ovaform's regular Touch, except that it involves an already transformed Etone rather than a ningen. There are two very good reasons that an already transformed Etone would wish to be re-Touched in this manner by another Ovaform:


The Arivida of an Etone has rebuked their status as an Aeternal Pledged. As a result, their Aninae are left as an "orphan" of sorts and subsequently lose their Aeternal surname. If the Etone in question is still committed to the cause, this could give the Etone a sense of loss and deep mourning. As a way of coping with the "loss" of their "mother" Ovaform, the Etone may seek another Ovaform to take them under their wing as their new Arivida. Thus reinstating their Aeternal surname under the new Arivida and gaining a sense of fulfillment and starting over.

A rather notable example of this is the case of Nikkou "Miteria" Anikemi who had been recorded to have four or more Aninae under her belt before dropping her Pledged status in 2005CE and was the first major "abandonment" of it's kind, and a dark time for the community. Though initially it was seen by some of her Aeternal peers as a betrayal, she has been forgiven over time and are to this day still willing to welcome her back. Her abandoned Anine have either dropped their Pledged status as well, or have been re-Touched by Kerina and Sophia.

Changing ArividaeEdit

The Anina of an existing Arivida either feels neglected or just simply wishes to change their Arivida. Consent with both their current Arivida and the one they plan to switch to is usually required for such a change to occur. Though this may not be the case if their current Arivida istill considers themselves as an Ovaform but has been inactive for an extended period of time.

Such an example includes Himiko Anishiori, who is the first to have been re-Touched by one of her own Aninae. Quite an intriguing feat, though the details behind this and how this occurred is currently unknown to the article's author.

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