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(Put the name of your Aeternalae faction here {should you wish to join one} make sure to link it, like this. If not part of a faction, put "None")


(If part of a faction, this would be the character's occupation within. Common positions include Spiritual Advisors, Healers, or even faction head/Originae. Put "n/a" if not part of a faction yet.)




Month XX, 20XX


Arivida's name


0 (number of Aninae)


Aeternal Name Here is an example of how an Aeternal profile article should be formatted. To view the code that made this article and copy it's formatting for the profile you're creating, click the pink 'Edit' button and then look for a button marked 'Source' and click it. Highlight the article's contents and press Ctrl+C to copy the article to your clipboard to paste later. Go back to the mainpage, look for the "Add a Page" button and click it, write your Aeternal name in the provided input box, select blank page, click Add. You will then be presented with the article creation screen. Click 'Source', and paste (Ctrl+V) this article's code into your article. Fill everything in. Be sure to preview your article before you publish it to see your changes and make any necessary corrections. If you need further assistance, please contact Millie.

(A profile article should start with a description of your character and how you see her. Including the character's name, physical traits, abilities, and personality traits.)

Ningen History[]

(This section should include information about the character prior to being Touched. What was your character like? How did s/he encounter the Aeternalae? First impressions? Perhaps even the events leading up to being Touched.)

Life as an Aeternal[]

(In this section, you should include things your character has done {or plans to do} since being an Aeternal or other Ovaform, as well as her dreams, goals and ambitions)