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The Premium Angels


Alyta Anieri, Eri Anikemi


"Creativity inspires the mind Eternally."

The Primium Angels are a oddball faction of Aeternalae led by an Arivida and her Anina, both of whom are avid role-players. They tend to convert from roleplaying game groups and conventions of role-players. One of their guiding philosophies seems to be "Those who live in their fantasies should be able to live outside them as well.", and "Those who crave the fantasy, should become the reality."

The faction has no real goal, other than wandering the multiverse, seeing it as it unfolds around them. They will quickly join forces with other factions should there be an outbreak of Demiurge or Blood Void, and are fierce fighters against those foes, but more often they can be found quietly picking up new converts and then leaving when their chosen 'prey' is exhausted.

The faction is not particularly aggressive about it's conversions, taking it's time, and making sure that any who are able to understand the Aeternal's gift receive it. They have been known to make exceptions for those who they cannot heal in any other way, or for those who have committed heinous acts. Rapists, Killers, and other lowlifes often find themselves in the bodies of beautiful anime girls.

By choice however, the faction will quietly introduce the concept of becoming a beautiful woman to a group of roleplayers, often in the form of a plot device, and then if the group is particularly receptive, they will be given the Touch.

The group has also been known to quietly raid hospitals, and Touch the elderly who are not ready to give up the mortal coil. Often retired soldiers, or other people used to an active and vital life are offered a second chance.

In the only known attempt of the group to Rescend a world, the groups tactics were to "market" the Touch as a method of gaining widespread acceptance. First to transgendered people, then to the incurably ill, then to those who wished eternal life at any price, and finally as a weight loss program. The conversion was wildly successful at first, but when the resistance became hardcore enough to nuke one of its own cities, the Angels pulled out, and left with what gains they had achieved.

It is unknown if other recension attempts have taken place, but there are rumors among other factions that this was merely one of the factions attempts, and there have been many others. If so, it is unknown how successful those attempts were.