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The Phalanx of Ouroboros




Survival is a matter of Defense.

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The Phalanx of Ouroboros is the first Ewigilen faction. Among Ovaform factions, the Phalanx is known for being highly defensive, both by necessity and preference. Its primary goal is to defend all allied Ovaforms from any and all attack, and to perform diplomacy when needed. Among its allies, it is both considered a greatly reliable faction, and a greatly accepting one. Though it frowns on factions that perform unnecessary Rescension.

As the first Ewigilen faction, the Phalanx saw birth to the Ewigilen ovaform. Originally, it was a quite different faction. Known as the Blitzkrieg of Pandemonium, it was an incredibly fast-moving faction. Performing a great many rescensions. Usually without care or love. It's aninae forcibly created with little contentment, no teaching them about the love most Aeternals share. It was founded by Erilynn, who abandoned her Arivida shortly after her Touch. Completely hateful and insane, she found several like-minded Aeternals and formed her own faction. Which conquered because of her innner anger.

Until it reaches a planet, known as Ouroboros. Erilynn personally faced the planet's greatest champion, a kngiht named Bastion. Upon disarming Bastion, Erilynn realised it was a girl named Maya, who preferred to consider herself a knightly man. Erilynn moved in to convert her, disappointed that she wasn't able to force a change from a noble man to a girly girl. But it didn't happen as planned. Seeing Maya reborn as Bastion, truly the noble knight Maya had believed herself to be. Erilynn is shocked and horrified, moving to continue the fight and execute the monster she created, but as the two trade blows, even as she is on top, she finds herself realising that her anger was her existence as an Aeternal. She embraces Bastion in a hug, her own, wrong Aeternal form fading, reborn as a knight herself - her new name becoming Artorius. And the two declare their new race Ewigilen.

Finding themselves outcasts, they swiftly Touch many other residents of the planet, preparing to defend themselves from their former faction. Through a powerful defense they are newly capable of, they manage to stave off their attackers, and defend the world Ouroboros. Declaring it their new home base, and their new faction as the Phalanx of Ouroboros. While starting all Ewigilen, it has, over time, accepted likeminded Aeternalae, now becoming the powerful engine of defense it now has a reputation of. The madness Erilynn had, has not been seen since the formation of the faction. An exceedingly rare trait, never identified in another Aeternal to date.