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The Ovalisks are one of the primary Ovaform races, and are the ancestors of all other Ovaforms. An arguably dangerous precursor to the rest of the Ovaforms, their Touch is hypersensitive and mere contact with one will convert one's mind and body until whatever is left is a childlike cute (in so far as what most Ningen cultures associate as cute). Simple contact with Ningen flesh releases a hormone from their own skin (actually millions of microscopic scales) which begin a dramatic transformation of the Ningen into an Ovalisk themselves. They've evolved the appearance of human females, with scattered males (more during sporadic reproductive years). They tend to live in colonies, but unlike most colony or hive-based creatures (such as insects), they are capable of being independant, and colony life is partially a matter of convenience and access to needed fulfillments. Their frequent evolutions is what spawned other Ovaforms, as well as intra-colony evolutions called Métiers

The origin of their name comes from the idea of the "egg snake," and such a description is rather apt. Ovalisks are at least somewhat reptilian in their DNA/structure. Like many reptiles, Ovalisks tend to move, act, and even think differently than mammals. Typically, their thoughts are more "pristine": "I am hungry. Let's eat." "I am happy! Smile! Dance!" "I am sad. Reflect. Pout.". Quick bursts of energy following frequent naps are typical of them as well. Ovalisks usually have a difficult time grasping concepts like deception, or some of the nuances behind communication as Ningen are used to. They are very much like children in their needs and their honesty in expressing those needs. These two factors are part of why they don't understand resistance from unwilling species of Ningen. It simply seems impossible to them. While they understand their Touch, their innate inclination to hug and convert Ningen is primarily due to their belief that they are simply lost Ovalisks who need only to be brought back into the fold. This idea of the "Lost Sheep" is also an important concept in the other Ovaforms.

The Ovalisk Touch is extremely potent, as so much as a brush of their bare skin to Ningen flesh will cause the transformation to begin. Prior to the May Evolution this was usually very painful, though since then it has no longer involved pain. One's mind in the process of transforming into an Ovalisk undergoes complicated changes such as memory suppression/revision. The newborn Ovalisk (also usually in the shape of a female, regardless of the victim's original sex) is called a Hatchling, regardless of whether they were born naturally or "conscripted". While Hatchlings will retain most practical knowledge (such as how to drive a car), all of their memories as Ningen are buried into the part of their unconscious they call their Old Life. While they may later regain memories of their prior life, Ovalisks generally do not aid others in this regard as this is considered a personal matter. Generally speaking, pleasant memories surface more easily than undesirable ones. Those who give in to the Ovalisk Touch willingly or have lived difficult or painful lives encounter more challenges in regaining memories of their Old Life.

Across different worlds, where Ovalisks are in greater or lesser number, some Aeternalae and other more evolved Ovaforms keep the ones they find as mascots, weapons, pieces of study, or even family. This can cause problems, as the free spirit of an Ovalisk tends to not like being contained however necessary it might be. Because Ovalisks are the progenitors of every other Ovaform (and passed on parts of their instincts) their presence can sometimes stimulate them into returning to a simpler, Ovalisk-like state. When kept by Aeternalae, their outfits usually have a small gold egg badge on their lapel or upper left chests to distinguish the danger involved to Ningen or even non-Ovaforms as a whole.

Despite the danger, Ovalisks endear many with their typically affectionate mindset and gentle demeanor. Sensetive to other's needs, they also often have extraordinary empathy and listening skills. Even as Hatchlings, they develop cognition through empathy rather than vice versa in many Ningen races. A commonly held misconception, however, is that Ovalisks are primitive or unintelligent as compared to their descendants. This is an untruth -- Ovalisks score on I.Q. tests within the same range as other Ovaforms. They are known, however, for having different thought patterns to display that intelligence as expressed above. Their simple behavior belies a very focused and easily disciplined mind. It has become a trend in many colonies to read "Zen" books or practice martial arts, as their mind is well suited for meditation and other qualities associated with such arts. Ovalisk gurus are sometimes sought out for their advice.

Another common irony is that Ovalisks often see the other Ovaforms as their elders, though the relationship is, in fact, the reverse.


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