Catchall term for study of magic that deals with Death Energy, however most traditional forms of Necromancy associate themselves with Death Energy AND Void Energy - this form is rightly shunned and generally misunderstood. Untainted Necromancy is transformative in nature, as it represents the death of something old in the favor of something new, and is the energy that healers and assassins rely on, whether either will admit it or not. Animating corpses is an ability of Necromancers, however it is not a practical application of the magic - few can do more than one at once, and even the ones who only do one at a time need absolute concentration. Whole armies of the dead are not feasible unless the Necromancer him/herself is Undead, and even then they require help from Demons; and when Demons get involved in mortal affairs, one thing leads to another and the Necromancer is rightly blamed for starting the mess. It is generally more practical to summon Shades and "flavor" them to look like zombies and skeletons if a Necromancer insists on having the style.

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