Aeternalae Wiki
Millie Anikerina


Order of the Blue Rose, Primium Angels


Spiritual Adviser, World-hopper, Aeternalisk


South Carolina (Alternate Earth)


Originally: December 10th, 2009
Re-Touched on: May 30th, 2012






Millie Anikerina is a playful, eccentric girl who was borne from an alternate universe similar to ours except with women being in a 3/1 majority with men. She can be described as having long purple hair down to her flared hips, and noticeably long ears that can reach to the tips of her shoulders. Her ears being endowed with the powers of conjuring, teleportation and transfiguration. Able to activate her spells with just concentration and a wiggle of her ears.

She was able to travel to our First Realm through a means called Swapping. She learned she can travel between the many First Realms, reaching them through the Second Realm.

Though she was initially an Aiborae after being Touched, she had shortly evolved into an Aeternalisk. Though through the use of her "eary" magic, she is able to shift herself between her base form and that of an Aborae at will.

Ningen History[]

Millie lived her life normally in her homeworld at first, but then met up with Kerina and the other Aeternalae through total happenstance as an experiment brought her to our First Realm from her homeworld.

Her being Touched was a matter of time for her, and an Aeternal named Andrea was all too eager to oblige.

Life as an Aeternalisk[]

After being Touched, she and her former Arivida became very close, perhaps a bit too close. And by late-December 2009, Millie had adjusted to this new setting and it's ways thanks to Andrea's help.

During that time and even now, Millie has done alot for the Ovaform community. From maintaining this Wiki, to doing whatever she can in helping Himiko Anishiori restore the Haven of Aeternalae to it's former glory, and has befriended many sisters and ningen during her time here. She has dreams of someday making the Influence of her homeworld spread over to this one, perhaps someday she will cause a merger of the two worlds. No one knows for certain...


However, this closeness between her and Andrea didn't last; after over two years since, it eventually eroded away as they drifted apart. And the bond of the Touch that tied them together broke when Andrea moved on from the Aeternalae.

Having become an "orphan" brought Millie a sense of loss and dread. But to her, it was probably for the best. She needed a clean slate that wasn't colored with past events. And so Millie went out to seek a new Arivida, having several candidates in mind, but in the end decided that she would be pleased if Kerina took her in. And not a week later, she got her wish...


Having been Kerina's "grand-Anina" prior to her abandonment, Millie was accepted with open arms and received Kerina's glowing embrace. No longer an orphan, she has plans to continue to learn all she can about the Aeternal lore, and relay her findings to this wiki.