Mazoku Aeternalae

This ovaform has recently resurfaced under the guise of the Youjo LaSu. they are similar to the more well-known aeternalae in many ways, but they differ in some key aspects. most notably, they are exclusively female and generally lesbian, though they would argue that everyone's a girl, somne just don't know it yet. They have significantly stronger rescension drive than any other ovaform known. they live in a bonded community of a somewhat hive-minded nature, halfway between the aeternalae and how the ovalisks tend to manifest, known as sisterself. They retain far more of the demonic influence from the distant origins of the aeternalae, being truly also the Youjo LaSu, which translates/expands to "Evil Temptress" "Latex Succubus", referring to their pattern of seduction and conversion, and their nature to often appear as living liquid latex, being shapeshifters, synthetic life in origin. Caution - they are quite contagious, above and beyond the Touch.

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