Blanket/umbrella term for energy derived from the Second Realm that mortals can channel and make use of. Magic is often used as the explanation for abilities that are not fully understood. Magic isn't truly an entity onto itself, it is just easier to say than "Second Realm Energy". Magic is USUALLY not dramatic in nature: most of it, in fact, happens in everyday life without people even being aware of it. Anytime communication between two individuals occurs, the magic inside language can be given credit for it. Very little magic has to do with thunderbolts and firestorms and pretty lights and instantly healed wounds, most of it is "little" magic like making VERY good tasting soup or a very beautiful work of art or picture. One must appreciate these little feats of magic before one writes it off as being non-present. More dramatic magic will not be seen on a First Realm unless the pool of it on that world begins being filled with it. Magic is less and less noticeable as it dwindles, and if it is in danger of dissapearing entirely, the First Realm it exists in risks drying up as well. Magic in high quantities can be dangerous if an individual begins relying on it too much inside their body and develops an addiction to it.

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