These are literally child Aeternalae, created in one of two ways. If an Etone is made of a prepubescent child, or if an Aeternal gives birth to a natural Aeternal. It's unknown how an Aeternal even becomes pregnant, but it's suspected less to do with being intimate with a male so much as it is discovering a spirit in the Third Realm that wants to become an Aeternal but didn't meet them on a world yet. Lovetears cannot repress their touch at all, not enough experience, and contact with one in any way by a male will mean the usual enchantment. Lovetears are unable to create other Aeternals at all. The exact age where they turn into full Aeternalae is unknown exactly: they need to reach certain maturity or realizations before they turn. The sign they're almost grown up is where, if they're on a First Realm, they can actually repress their touch.Their name has no specific reason aside from the fact that an individual who experiences both the sense of being a parent AND an Arivida causes a lot of loving tears.

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