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When Alen McDohl was born, his fate had already been decided for him. His mother, Aurora McDohl, was forced to give her son up to scientests to test a strange new Human technology. Angel blood would be infused into the young child, in hopes of creating a being with no emotions, a being who would follow orders blindly. As Alen progressed through the stages of the process, his mother became more and more concerned. Her baby boy was slowly loosing all contact with humanity, the angelic blood infused into him devouring his human soul. She had hated the project from the beginning, but this to her was the final straw. She determined that she would rescue her son. When the scientists who were working on him went on break, she reprogramed the devices to halt the process. Then she took her son and fled.

When the scientists found out, they were ruthless in thier persuit of thier precious project and it's betrayer. Through luck and guile and much roleplaying, Aurora managed to get her son to a safe place. For many years she thought they had managed to elude The Project for good, and Aurora raised her son as a normal child. But when Alen was six years old they found them, and killed his mother infront of his eyes. In a fit of rage, Alen's powers manifested, and killed his mother's killers. Having to support himself, he studied the arts of sword fighting and around the age of sixteen, had progressed so far in the way of the sword, that few could match him. Fearful of his skill and power, the clan that had adopted him became his torturers. They beat him with whips, and burned him with hot iron.

He endure these tortures without a word, for he knew that their day would come. And so it did, five years later. Alen made friends, and his friends grew to be like his brothers. Duran Todlich and Alucard Saga replaced the family he had lost. They helped him in his training, and gave him the chance to get his revenge. Alen killed those who had harmed him. He slaughtered their families in front of them while his eyes burned with rage. When he left the burning homes of his enemies behind, none were left alive. For these acts he gained the name Deathbringer. His revenge complete, he began to study the Dark Arts of magic to find more efficent ways of killing people. He and his brothers worked hard to destroy anyone who crossed thier path. Between the three of them they killed more than a hundred people. Alen trained for many years honing his skills and making use of them. On one of his journeys he came across a small dragon that was being attacked. Those that tried to destroy the mysterious beast were set ablaze. The first signs of his compassion were visible at this point. Unbeknownst to him, this compassion would be his undoing.

He met a young woman named Aisu. After dating for a few months they decided to get married and start a family. His brothers were very displeased with this turn of events. One year after his marriage Aisu bore him a daughter who she named Elle. Elle had beautiful red hair like her mother and exquisite Emerald green eyes like her father. Elle grew up with her loving mother and caring father. Ten years after she was born Duran and Alucard struck. They had become disgusted with what they percieved as Alen's weakness. They killed his entire family except for him. Alen saw in his 'brother's' actions what he had become, and was disgusted with himself. Unable to bear the sight of his own reflection, he chose to start anew. If he was a monster, then perhaps she would be different. He accepted the Touch, and the changes within him.

At first she took time to adapt to the new feelings and senses that laid before her. Her mind accepting the principles of those before her. She even brought in two of her own Aninas, however, something seemed to be off with the situation, something she could not explain. After some time of contemplation, she found that she really did not wish to assimilate others as much as her sisters did. Lieza formed the Cruentus Praesidium some time later. The sword by her side is more for decoration then it is for fighting, while she could use it to solve her conflicts, The Chronicle of Hope is more of a symbol for the members of Cruentus Praesidium.