The Leena Continuum is the continuum in which we exist, containing the origins of Alphariginae Leena on the World of Corner. They had discovered the Ovalisks when they appeared one day in the market on Corner (They were contained before things got out of hand). They were necromancers who had become disillusioned with using Death Magic and animating corpses and the like and had instead come to focus on the state of being a concept and thought instead of worrying about physical survival. The necromancy of Corner always welcomed a new form of study.

Once they moved towards this, they found a "third" necromancy mastery option that let them exist as something besides a Lich or a Vampire, once the time came for them to extend their time in the mortal realm. Once existing in the Third Realm, they began to experiment dangerously on the fates and essences of many creatures. They eventually created the Aeternalae by combining the essence of the Ovalisks with some Vampiric qualities and by crossbreeding the result with the essence of Fae of the Second Realm. The result was the ultimate feminine entity, reminiscient of the purity of form often found in Japanese Anime with predatory tendencies and family trees. Leena herself became one of the Aeternalae after the creation was set. No one is exactly sure whether or not that "version" of Corner was rescended in the wake of the birth of this race of Ovaforms.

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