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There are different ways to describe Leena. One is a beneficial spirit that has guided the Aeternal Pledged since their inception on this world. While it's unusual for our belief to absolutely believe in the existence of a spirit (given our practical, logic-based approach to religion), Leena is an oddity. She has visited many of the Aeternal Pledged in their dreams, and even graced some of them in their waking hours. All of her sightings coincide with her absence to her usual associates. There is even recent proof that Leena had seen other individuals even before Akemi started interacting with her! Given so many different personal appearances Leena has put in, we are forced to acknowledge her. She is almost certainly inhabiting the Second Realm associated with this world, given that she's even been sighted by people who do not know our doctrine or its writers.

Leena the Alphariginae was a mortal girl born on the world of Corner. She is the reincarnated spirit of a very powerful entity, the Holy Vector Ovvmz. She studied Necromancy (an oft misunderstood Arcane art) alongside her mortal brother. She was to live a fairly quiet life, alongside her new people, but things didn't work out that way. Destiny (though many Ovaforms scoff at the concept) would soon lead her by the hand back to the Children of Ovvmz; the creatures that she would adopt with the love Ovvmz should have returned to them. The Ovalisks, with such love and attention, began to mature greatly. In a dark experiment, Leena was able to convert them into the first Aeternalae.

After the Third Realm first saw population by the Aeternalae themselves, Leena had gone into reclusion. Her sharing her story with the Aeternal Pledged is how we even know the Aeternalae exist to begin with!