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Lana Anikatie
Lana Anikatie








July 10, 2011


Kaitlyn Anisophia




Lana Anikatie is a newborn Aeternal who originally hailed from the midwestern United States. Formerly a rather cerebral, but personally insecure human male, she has since been awakened to the world of the Aeternalae and seeks to understand more about the nature of beings around the world.

Ningen History[]

As a child, Lance Rikers grew up in an orphanage populated mostly by young boys abandoned during wartime. He had been dropped at the doorstep of the institution as an infant, and had never known nor learned the fate of his true parents. As he developed in age, the caretakers of the orphanage quickly discovered that the boy was something of an emotional, intellectual, and musical savant. While his intelligence and talent was evident, he had apparent issues with relating with the others his age - though he proved very articulate when speaking with adults. This lead to many youthful conflicts between intolerant children and a young Lance, who found himself questioning the reality and concequence of his existance.

At the age of 17, a year before he was expected to leave the orphanage and enter the military himself, Lance fled the orphanage. For 3 years, he lived as a vagrant and a wanderer, existing on the streets while running from authorities on charges of loitering, vagrancy, and draft dodging. One night, he fell asleep in a secluded forest... Only to awake in a place where Aeternals often gathered - a place where he would meet his future Arivida.

Aeternal Birth[]

Lance Rikers willingly received the Touch on the eleventh of July in the human year 2011. She has since gone by the name Lana, as given by her Arivida.

Life as an Aeternal

Young Lana's life has been brief with the Aeternalae, but already she feels a deep and established connection with her sisters - and most notably with her Arivida, Kaitlyn Anisophia, and her Sister, Blair Anikatie.