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Kira Anijenni Anikari


Angelic Quicksilver Protectorate


Quicksilver Valkyrie


Eastern United States


September 26, 2006


Jennifer Anikerina, Hikari Oblivion Anikerina




Kira Anijenni

A wild crazy girl whose moods, actions, and behaviors shifts with each passing day. One day she could be sweet and innocent and the next she could be trying to kill you. The only thing stable is her determination and will. She remains outgoing and forever energetic

Ningen History[]

Formerly lived in the Eastern most parts of the united states under the alias of Kaito Ishura. Plagued with regrets and wanting to move on from the memories he wanted to shed he chose to start a new life.

Aeternal Birth[]

Kaito Ishura willingly accepted the touch on the twenty-sixth of September from Jennifer Anikerina. She has gone by the name of Kira ever since.

Life as an Aeternal

Constantly changing and looking for new ways to expand the Ae race existences. She has become an Aesyrium and shared this knowledge with others. She will never force the "touch" on anyone but will gladly help any who wish it.

Soul Guardians[]

Twilight Heart: Twilight is a gentle presense, she is always calm and collected and very calculating in her descisions. She helps guide Kira to make the logical choices needed to be made even if it means having to sacrifice something for the greater good. Twilight is often seen as a Silver Bladed sword with an Ivory looking hilt and Emeral Pommel.

Way to Darkness: Darkness is a violent presense, she is rash and quick to jump headlong into conflict. She constantly urges Kira to take what she wants in life and fight for whatever she beleives to the bitter end. Darkness isnt inherently evil, she is a very determined entity that reacts to emotions. She can be hasty and violent but always tries to look out for Kira's interests. Darkness is often seen as an Onyx Sword with a twisted and mangled hilt adorned in nameless red gems.

Chaos: Chaos is perhaps the most difficult entity to comprehend. It is clear that it wants to help sometimes and at others it only hinders. The phenomenon this entity is capable of knows no limits, but it can be a reckless venture to try. 

Gemini: Gemini is a twin set of entities that represent a duality pairing. They often invoke opposite elements and assist Kira in combat. Often times they are seen as a Silver Blade with an Iron hilt and sapphire pommel surrounded in a chilling mist while the other is a Golden Blade with Matching Hilt adorned in mixed gems and a Ruby Pommel surrounded in a blazing fire.

Trinity: Trinity is perhaps the most interesting of all. She has no emotion and employs only calculated descisions. She has the gift of future sight which she can bestow upon Kira at a price. Her sanity becomes an issue if this ability is used continuously. Those who would view times ahead and change their fate alter the natural order and it causes a backlash. Trinity does however look out for Kira despite her lack of emotion. She is Often times seen as a mere Steel broadsword with Three gems that look like eyes on the hilt and the pommel has a long red sash attached to it.