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Kiera Animy
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Meddler, Inquisitor, Public Relations, Aeternal


United States (Current Earth)


Amy Anikerina



Kiera Animy, also known as "Kiki" by friends, is, by all appearances, a human girl in her twenties living on the East Coast of the US. She is a traveler and a wanderer and often moves from place to place, however. She loves seeking adventure and new places to visit, and this lust for information and new things reflects her attitudes toward her Aeternal sisters.

Always full of questions, and almost as bright as her consistently changing hair colors, Kiera's inquiries and wanderings into the very natures of the Aeternalae have been known to annoy in some extreme circumstances, though she always seems able to mend a difficult situation with a smile and a hug.

Kiera first received the Touch from Amy in December of 2005, and quickly befriended many, such as Akemi, Leena, her "grand-Arivida" Kerina, and Eri, to name only a few. Her goal was to become active in the community and to understand the new world that being Touched had unlocked for her.

During the beginning of 2006, Kiera was quite active. She was taken in by Leena directly as a student in her teachings, learning the ways of the origins of the Aeternalae and their future intentions. Giggles and hugs are to be expected when interacting with her, though she also has a dark side, and plans darker still, surrounding her goal of Rescension.