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Kerina is, to all appearances, a normal mortal girl born into this First Realm world. But beyond that she is a quandary to both herself and those among the Aeternal Pledged. On the one hand she is a spirit at rest with herself, yet on another she seems to have abilities similar in nature to that of an Aeternal. She can Touch others and has created at least a dozen anina. Yet she has seemingly never been Touched herself and until recently has shown a certain trepidation but curiosity about the Touch. She feels firmly about the choice and change originating strongly in the Etone and their belief. She also firmly advocates free will and open-minded interpretations. Her form is one that is hard to pin down sometimes but she feels most comfortable with blurring the lines between male and female. Kerina finds it easy to see others as however it is they feel. She is ambitious but also cautious, her id desire would gladly follow Leena and outdo her, eradicating any sign that maleness ever existed in all the universes. But that desire is balanced out by a sympathy for all beings and the diversity of their existence. The most prominent first realm sign of Kerina is her sympathy, empathy and intuitive for others. Her selflessness is worrisome to those that care for her but nothing can halt her persistent desire to bring joy and peace to others.

Many have speculated on Kerina's inner nature. Not even she is fully aware of what it is but she has belief in what she calls the "Epiphany" which will transform and crystallize her state, both spiritually and physically, into the being she truly is. The results of this "Epiphany" will allow her to change the nature of the First Realm at will, resulting in full, physical transformations of those around her, as well as to their entire, interconnected existence in the First Realm. At for her current, flowing and changing but also serenely accepted spiritual state seems to range. Among those speculations is...

  • A "First", a tenuous concept of a being that has all the abilities of an Aeternal but is closer to the Feminine Source than Aeternals or has been directly Touched by it.
  • A protégée/sister of Leena - This is suggested by her influence in the inspiration of the Aeternal Pledged. Providing the conduit through which Leena would later flow into Akemi because her own connection to a presence of inspirational nature similar in certain ways to Leena.
  • Changeling Aeternal - Similar conceptually to Hanako except instead of becoming a male at birth, something within Kerina or outside her made the conscious choice that her genes and path would change to that of female but leaving behind a piece of that original which could empathize even with those who were not her sex because she has been both. As a result of this early shift, she feels comfortable in any particular soft and feels especially glad with changing to her desires.
  • An Empath - a non-Ovaform but one that have the physical psychic abilities to take on the traits as one. Kerina has show an aptitude for unconscious empathy, pain-taking ability, and intuition. It is speculated that she unconsciously absorbed some of the spirit of an Aeternal or somehow was able to sense the nature of it and blend her nature into something resembling the spirit of the Aeternal. Given an aura reading once with a particular alignment it was preliminarily suggested her aura is red and white with a focus on mental magic and healing magic.
  • A Faerie - blue and green and brilliant silver (Eri Anikemi), based on an emergence 'muse' part of Kerina's psyche taking the form of a small, potent and optimistic faerie soon after she was in close contact with Eri's energy and felt a strong inspiration of tearful joy.
  • A "Returned" Aeternal - potentially another gender in a previous existence before birth. She spent some time in the higher realms as an Aeternalae but chose to return to the physical in the hopes of guiding others to happiness. Since she was already female, she could only take female physical form in the First Realm but she retained an innate memory and sympathy for those male and female while feeling that her First Realm physical form is somehow imperfect because she is merely inhabiting it so she may offer guidance to others. Possibly, because time is not important in the higher realm, she may be a currently existing Aeternal Pledged among those she offers guidance.