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December 2008, July 18th 2011


Flora Anitabi



Ningen History[]

Josh was born, like most ningen are, on a Earth where magic and sorcery had either long since been forgotten or hadn't existed at all. He was a meek child, looking around has his modern world and wishing for more. A world where anything and everything could happen. In his looking for answers, but never really finding any, he start to collect American comic books. He was amazed that anything could happen in this stories of the modern world, of battles of good and evil, of everyday people becoming heroes.

Sadly however, the world did not mesh with his ideals. He was teased and prodded constantly in his youth. The boy would try to stand up for himself but he would always be knocked down. He would end up closing himself off from the world in time, to everyone except one person, a girl named Helen. The two became inseparable, playing together, growing up together and soon becoming boyfriend and girlfriend for a number of years in their late teens.

But so many years of being together, a rift started to form between the two. Helen grew distant. Josh notice this and went for a last ditch effort and proposed to her. Helen angrily confessed that she had been cheating on him with another person and had grown tired of Josh. She tossed the ring into Josh's face, telling him that there was no reason to see each other anymore and started to cross the street. Helen had failed to notice that a large truck was barreling down the street just as she was crossing. Josh's body moved even before his mind could even recognize, pushing the girl out of the way of the truck just before she was hit, taking the hit himself. He did not even hear the paramedic sirens coming before he passed away. Saying with his last breath that he loved Helen.

Josh had awoke as a spirit, staring down his body down in the arm of the woman that had just rejected him. For whatever reason he was not able to pass on. For 3 years he remained a ghost of sorts, and for 3 years he watched his family and Helen visit his grave. Helen visited his grave nearly every day, or she did to start with. Bit by bit she slowly stopped coming. The final day of Josh's afterlife, she visited his grave and left the ring he had proposed to her with on his headstone and then got into the car with the words "Just Married" written on the back window. Moments after he was blinded by a flash of white light. When he opened his eyes, his spirit was traveling up to the the awaiting gates of heaven. But something had happened before as reached them. He felt something slam into him and send him pummeling of the "great spirit highway."

He awoken back on the mortal plane, alive. He had crashed landed onto an earth where both magic and super science existed. A place where giant transforming robots could seen battling green-haired arc-angels. Josh felt glad to finally reach a world where the impossible could happen. However he did not bother to question how he ended up here. A mistake that would haunt him and he started his journey in this strange land.

It would seem the "thing" that crashed into him was the remains the was exorcised from it's own realm and was descending back to Hell. The demon had latched onto him and bonded with his soul is a desperate attempt to avoid being sent back to hell, and was slowly starting to take control of him. After a time Josh became aware of the demon inside him and started to seek out a way to free himself from the beast.

Soon his search led him to a Japanese dojo deep in the woods. Living inside were two Aeternal, Tabitha Anikerina, a martial artist of sorts, and her Aninae Flora Anitabi. For whatever reason Josh decided to spend time with them, and in turn learn of the the Aeternalae and their ways. The two became aware of Josh's inner demons (both literally and figuratively) and helped Josh overcome them. Though through helping him, Flora started to grow attached to Josh and after a good while and asked him if he would accept the touch.

'Aeternal Birth' and Recession[]

Josh accepted to be touched by Flora late December of 2008, and in so doing, merging with the demon that had taken up shelder next to his soul. Joyce had fully moved in with her Arivida and her GrandArivida. She lived with them for a good 4, almost 5 months

Once More with Family[]

Skills and Abilites[]