The Influence is an energy field that is created and maintained by the apperance of an Etheriginae on a First Realm. With each Etone born on a world, it grows larger, expanding outwards in all directions. It bears a resemblence to an egg, sunny side up. Surrounding the core on all sides is a "Wave Influence" that "tenderizes" reality and makes the subtle changes of reality towards the Anime state of existence seem natural and unnoticeable to the inhabitants. Within the "Core" or "Dome Influence" at the center, people and things are transformed into their pure Anime forms, and people without special powers gain them, whether they are Ovaforms or not.

The effects of Influence vary from Etheriginae to Etheriginae. Within Influence, a business man on his way to work may become a peasant in a rice paddy out of ancient China, while in another, he may become an executive in a gleaming futuristic city. Regardless, he would notice only a minor difference. All of them carry an element of wish fulfillment to them, where what is dreamed of becomes casual reality.

When zones of Influence overlap, they will attempt to merge if possible, but are capable to setting up violent harmonic vibrations if the "Core" Influences have radically different "ground rules". In these cases, the Influences will begin to fight each other, each attempting to become the dominant reality.

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