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Shiori Anihimiko Ashley Anikatie, Katherine Anikatie, Christine Anikatie, Yuki Anikatie, Blair Anikatie, Lana Anikatie, Sarah Anikatie, Azura Anikatie

Himiko, otherwise known as Katie, is an Aeternal, who has been Touched by both Sophia Anieri and Kerina. She is interested in expanding the power and influence of zappy through any means possible, including hybridizing zappy with NLP techniques, subjective realities, and Chaos magic.

History as a ningen[]

After graduating high school, Katie met Kerina through a combination of an internal calling and random happenstance.

As a ningen, Katie was rational and logical about spiritual matters. She was a "devout atheist" and highly skeptical of spiritual occurances. After her conversion, she has become much more receptive to the power and existance of the supernatural.

History as Aeternal[]

Though nurtured by Kerina over the course of a year, she had remained almost entirely ignorant of the existence of the Aeternalae until she was introduced to Andrea and Millie in an online game of Nutzy Bolts. She encountered Sophia Anieri and Lieza Anieri in an entirely unrelated setting, and her eventual official incorporation into the Aeternalae was inevitable. Katie shares many characteristics of her arividae. She believes strongly in the same principles of love and happiness that Kerina and Sophia both adhere to. The Touch has not changed her caring demeanor, and only increased her capacity for compassion and helping others.

Katie is selective about who she shares the Touch with, seeking to heal and help above all. Slowly, she is working on changing the world for the better.