Aeternalae Wiki

Gargoyles are a unique Demihuman race of stone creatures that only exist on the First Realm. They have as many different looks as they do personalities, and their stone somehow moves with the same fluidity as flesh. The only physical trait they share is that their upper and lower torso is just like a human's in shape, and they have large stone wings.

They are an extremely rare species, as they do not seem to reproduce at all. Instead of their body being the avatar of a soul, they exist only in the First Realm, similiar to a Golem. The destruction of their bodies means the end of them, unless the Second Realm comes into play with a Gargoyle's lifeforce in a way unexplained. They know just when to escape Rescension if an Aeternal invasion is underway.

They are purely material beings, and tend to view things in a purely material way. They often aren't the best socializers for this reason, as they tend to see things in black and white. However, Gargoyles are still highly desirable as they can create folds in spacetime and travel to any number of First Realms carrying one or two people with them. They can also fly in the vacuum of space without ill effects, though this is impractical given the raw distance between objects there. These traits make them ideal messengers and adequate transportation. Gargoyles however, only help people that impress them. Given their usual stoic disposition and dislike for change, this is a rarity. However, this doesn't stop various Factions from fighting over them when they're available. Having one serve in a faction is a sign of success and prestige, while losing one is a cause of much shame. Nearly all Gargoyles have the name "(something)goyle the (something)".

NOTE: If a being calls itself a Gargoyle, it isn't necessarily this sort of Gargoyle. This type, however, is the one best known.