If there is one belief that is most common among the Aeternalae, it is that almost all beings have the feminine spirit at their core, even if it is masked by a masculine appearance and action. Indeed, this belief is only strengthened by their ability to transform many ningen into their feminine ideal as exemplified in their Aeternal form. The Aeternals do acknowledge some exceptions to the rule, including beings who simply do not have the feminine ideal in them at all, as well as those beings who may have the feminine ideal, but simply have their souls designed in such a way as to prevent the overbearing destructive nature of Aeternalae rescencion due simply to the selfish desire to rescend worlds. Aeternals also belief that the feminine spirit is the most fundamental and important aspect of a person, and thus they are often moved to try to discard all layers that disguise a person from their true feminine essence: in other words, transforming people into Aeternals, or at the very least, female.

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