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A Faerie Court is not what it sounds like...[]

It is in actuality simply an independent sociopolitical entity in Faerie society, not unlike a family either. There are of course major factions among the more political of the Fae, and these have remained relatively stable for a while.


These fae are generally defined by their apparent conciliatory attitude toward humanity, specifically their choice to appease rather than stand for Fae rights any time the humans press for more land or power. Of course it is not so simple, as they tend to be far more vicious than their counterpart Unseelie courts; let alone Shadow courts, often killing those very humans in their sleep later via mercenary. Originally the name came from those who signed the Seelie Accords, but it has drifted to mean those with similar ideals and beliefs.


These fae have opted not to be a part of the Seelie Accords, or to have anything to do with sublimating themselves to humanity. They are not monsters though, far from it, simply unwilling to engage in such backhanded ugly politics. Instead the Unseelie simply claim their birthright as Fae, Freedom. Of course they take this all the way to indulging in Ravaging and more, which does tend to upset humanity. In the end though if you're interesting and intelligent they'll probably treat you well.


...They will eat your face. And your brain. Your eyes before that though.