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Faerie is a shared realm inhabited by many beings of a magickal nature, perhaps the most important and relevant here being the Sidhe. It exists in an entirely different part of the multiverse, a sheaf of worlds with their own rules and paradigms that simply do not fit such a model. It could be perhaps suggested the beings locally known as Fae are not actually local to the realm they came in from. If any of the three realms though, Faerie would have to be said to most resemble the Third.

Known Fae[]

Among the Aeternalae, there are a few Fae, though not many.

Aylira Evangela Anikira Tesayon[]

Evangela Anikira hails from here, as she is Aylira Evangela Anikira Tesayon of the Unseelie Sidhe, Queen of Faerie in Concordia. She is Queen of Tesayon, Court of the Singularity.