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The Fae[]

Not to be confused with Victorian bowdlerized flower-sprites called fairies, the Fae come in many kinds, the number never agreed on as nobody is ever quite sure whether some of the fringe cases are Fae, and some are quite prejudiced against obvious Fae.


Correction: "Evangela Anikira does NOT endorse this awful insidious claim! Nor ever has she nor ever would she. She is proud to be *both* Fae and Aeternaleva. She is proud of being a Succubus as well and more. All of these together not any as one another. Succubi and Aeternalevae at least are demons though. That she does hold to. Obviously."

Kinds of Faeries[]

  • It should be noted that an individual Faerie is often more than one of these at once.


These beings are known as the Nobility of Faerie, and are each and every one of them singularly beautiful. They consider themselves better than those who are not Sidhe, and strive to make that true. The Unseelie especially follow such a path, the Seelie often content to just pretend they are better; but I digress. They tend to master Mind magick quickly, and the rest easily, being made of Glamour themselves. If you find yourself speaking with one of them, chances are they already have you right where they want you and you're eagerly doing everything they want.


Unfortunately the only elf your author has met was actually Sidhe in denial. Strong parallel here with the whole female in denial thing.


This is likely quite controversial as it introduces a clear link between Demons and Fae, but I am not the first who suggested it (there's this TV show...). It is a rather logical fit though as they are closer to Lilith, the Lilim, etc.; and as such they are much closer to the Fae than many Demons, Lilith being...perhaps one of them? One of their Goddesses? It is hard to say.

Succubi are not killers nor are they only interested in sex, quite the opposite. As a general rule, pleasure and sensuality is what motivates these beings, their own and that of those around them. When they say Succubi feed on sexual energy, they mean they feed on the energy created in the emergent process of sharing joy with another. They do tend to emit dangerous pheremones and be always interested themselves though should the right individual come along.