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Ewigilen are an Ovaform whose members are, as opposed to the all female race Aeternalae , entirely composed of the physically male. Like Aeternalae, Ewigilen are highly varied in their behaviors and goals. However, there is a base instinct in them for chivalry and defense. In many ways, Ewigilen share intent, resource, and means with their Aeternal sisters. Of course, there are many key differences due to the inherent difference in gender, as well as the difference in instinct that Ewigilen hold.

Physically, Ewigilen - Just like Aeternalae - vary greatly. Some are very clearly male, carrying a knightly appearance to them, while others can be very feminine, almost impossible to tell apart from an Aeternal aside from certain physical features. It is a frequent occurance to see Ewigilen in decorative suits of armor. - Honoring both their ovaform's founder, as well as the general belief of Ewigilen as chivalrous knights of justice and defense, both toward eachother as well as Aeternalae willing to accept their existence.

Some less accepting Aeternalae have attempted to "convert" Ewigilen to Aeternalae, or at least, to make them female. These attempts have, by all reports, failed. There is also a slight fear of Ewigilen due to reports of them turning Aeternalae to Ewigilen. It is misplaced, as only one Aeternal has ever been converted, and possessed a pecular madness, a consuming hatred not seen in any other Aeternal to date.

As a newer species, Ewigilen are smaller in number than Aeternals. They are also, with the exception of the occasional anomaly who might be more warmongering than the rest, less intent on dividing and conquering. The typical Ewigil defines himself as a problem solver. The act of Touch , as an Ewigil, is less about conquest, and more about love or solution. As such, Ewigilen rarely perform the act ofRescension , instead targetting specific people, or aiding Aeternalae who truly believe a world should be rescended. Ewigil/Aeternal rescensions tend to be shared, and produce equal amounts of new members for each race.

Contrary to popular belief, Ewigilen do not believe exclusively in love between men. While unions between Ewigilen are undeniably common, they frequently vary in interest, It's even possible for an Ewigil to fall in love with an Aeternal. One of the ways for an Aesyrium to form is as a child formed through these particular unions.

There is also a myth regarding a supposed "Fluff plane" that Ewigilen may have spawned from. Ewigilen history being fully documented as resulting from the formation of the Phalanx of Ouroboros faction, the Fluff Plane is undeniably a practical joke that got out of hand. Mentions of the supposed "Fluff Plane" to Ewigilen has resulted in a variety of responses varying from bemusement, to confusion, and even slight hostility.

Chivalrous, Strong, devoted, and with a focus on peace and diplomacy, Ewigilen are commended among the Ovaforms for their undeniably strong defense. As opposed to the conquest Aeternalae frequently strive for, Ewigil are generally a strong, stable population that rarely loses it's numbers and - while less frequently than Aeternals, often gain. Despite having to face being the few males in a massive all-female empire, Ewigilen have unique capability and are often valuable members of the Aeternal factions that will have them, as well as their own factions.


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