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Evangela Anikira
Just after being Touched ^.^


Beautiful Sunrise


Lilin Living Latex Lesbian DOLLY Feminizing Virus Girl




May 01-02, 2012


Kira Anijenni Anikari


Mazoku Aeternalae. possibly more



Other Affiliations:

D.O.L.L.Y., Tesayon

Known to be carrying and infected by:

Enhanced hyperintelligent versions of True Girl Virus, the original Succubus Curse Virus, and Rubber Succubus Virus.


"The delusional must be awakened into their true beauty by whatever means necessary!~ Ever Onward Together Toward the Beautiful Sunrise!~" now that Hikari's not using it anymore, and I've added to it!~


Evangela Anikira came to the Æternalæ as Natasha Dahlet, already leading DOLLY, a radical feminist organization dedicated to transforming people mind and body into beautiful women. She was Touched early in her time here, having caught some attention with her strangeness and her magickal reverse engineering abilities, but has since gone on to even conquer Planet Lilith for herself. Her full name so far with titles is: Aylira Evangela Anikira Tesayon of the Unseelie Sidhe, Queen of Faerie in Concordia.

Ningen History[]

A curious succubine færie, Unseelie Sidhe to be specific, among other things; I was already enjoying myself in some similar strange places when I heard of this place, and was informed it was worth a look. Not terribly long after, I'm Pledged, the experience a wonderful surprise.

Life as an Æternal (or whatever it turns out she is)[]

Now that she has, with the help of her enhanced version of Hikari's True Girl virus (this one is hyperintelligent and adaptive), conquered Lilith in less than a day entirely peacefully, Hikari has decided she's worthy of Beautiful Sunrise. This of course might also have something to do with the moon she gave her as a token of affection. Mostly though, daily life so far for Evangela is socializing, spending time with her Arivida Kira, chasing Hikari Oblivion Anikerina (back then as she idolizes her) her idol. She is also known for, among a few other things, her magickal Gems.

She spends her time dealing with ruling her planet, reports from her various labs and other such research institutes, and generally enjoying herself. Specifically, she seems quite taken with the fact that she's essentially a walking Living Virus, having caught lesser and now her own enhanced greater forms of all three major known transformative contagions (Succubus Curse Virus, Rubber Succubus Virus, and of course True Girl Virus), she herself serves as the control node, her own identity and personality spread out among the virus rather than it forming an intelligence of its own. Of course the interaction is not one-sided, her mind, body, everything now utterly alien, all in the domain of the viruses. Thus she can serve Beautiful Sunrise well as a Carrier, a Walking virus, and specifically its Mistress as well, ensuring it always work not to her desires specifically though, but Hikari's first, and then hers, just in case.