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Eri Anikemi


Primium Angels, True Moon Conpurifan Army


Counselor, Healer, Spiritual adviser


Southeast coast of North America (Current Earth)


Akemi Leena



Eri Anikemi is one of the earlier converts of Akemi's. She appears as a buxom young woman in her early 20's with long flowing cobalt blue hair. She stands about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, and has an almost serene aura of grace and gentility about her.

She was one of the first of Akemi's converts to ask to receive the Touch willingly, and as such tends to display a great deal more restraint about using the Touch on others.

Eri uses an unusual system of belief to structure her metaphysical talents. Instead of allowing her natural talents to manifest purely at the whim of her subconscious, she channels them into her belief structure, allowing her to tap greater supplies of the Second Realm at a cost of natural growth.