Another similarity to Asian philosophies and religions survives in the focus on the ending of suffering. While some Aeternals (such as the Yalapil and the Glorious Three Sun Army) consider ending the suffering of planets necessary to the point that they will cause immense temporary suffering to end a planet's suffering, other groups consider that paths with minimal amounts of suffering are much preferred.

Thus, the matter of suffering and it's definition are very important to Aeternals. The general definition is somewhat different and more comprehensive than the definition offered by Asian religions. While Asian religions and Aeternal philosophy agree that suffering can be caused by a difference between reality and desired fantasy, Aeternalae go one step further (taking from their Discordian roots) and also believe that suffering also can exist in forced stasis, especially when applied on a large scale, such as the attempts of ningen to try to enforce stasis upon Gaia such that they may continue to exist with their own selfish desires, causing even more suffering on the lower classes who also receive a large portion of this enforced stasis (see Orwell's 1984).

The True Moon Conpurifan Army, recently exiled, is currently in the process of reforming its opinion of how best to offset suffering, and as such, it is regretful that the author cannot better elucidate the reader on Aeternal methods of ending suffering.

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