Aeternalae Wiki

One of the most prevalent aspects, both in their mythology and in reality, is the intimate relationship of deities with Aeternals. From the ancient mythos from which the Aeternals draw their heritage to the present, Aeternals and their methods, purposes, and plans have been fundamentally shaped by the actions of deities. Those held in particular reverence by the True Moon Conpurifan Army include Eris and Artemis, though other Alphaoriginae hold other deities unfamiliar to Earthlings as sacred.

Most deities were created long ago, as the first beings in the universe. Originally concepts given powers, deities have evolved in many different fashions. Several primary aspects of deities are common however, namely that their will is bound, they lack a proper soul present in most other beings, and they lack direct influence on the First and Third Realms. This is not to say that they are completely useless however, as their indirect influence, often through the guise of priests, priestesses, and fallible mortal "avatars," is quite powerful.

Deities, however, lack free will, instead reacting as base, strictly logical beings. Their emotions are generally artificial, and their reactions are "pre-programmed" in a sense, being predictable. In this sense, deities can be possibly considered artificial beings, thus explaining the plethora of flat caricatures and archetypes present in Earth mythologies. In fact, the closest analogy for a deity would be that of an artificial intelligence program.

Because of this weakness in deities however, Aeternals tend to believe that deities are hardly anything to be feared or respected, as they are incapable of conscious decision-making. While they may inspire or offer advice, it is, at best, one-sided and predictable.

Eris, on the other hand, is an odd being, both above, below, and identical to a deity, and perhaps the only one of her kind. Eris is generally conceived of as being random, and having more direct dealings with the First and Third Realms, though still limited. Eris overall defies definition and cannot be clearly defined as either with or without will, being both inside and out of the system at the same time. The only thing that can be known for certain is that she opposes the force of the Demiurge (or Greyface, as he is called in the Principia Discordia).