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Cruentus Praesidium


Lieza Anieri



Cruentus Praesidium is a small faction that is dedicated to order and chaos over the principles of conquest.

This organization is more closely resembling a mercenary unit. They do not discriminate about who is allowed to join, or what the person's background is, as long as they keep the oath of holding balance. They are led by their Originae Lieza Anieri, who has had many conflict in her life over order and chaos, good and evil. She felt that a balance was needed to keep everything in check. Depending on the situation The Cruentus Praesidium could be viewed as heartless destroyers, or as saviors of the world. They try to keep everything as fair as possible, including taking in Ningen, if they so wish. They believe that only those who wish for the beauty of the Touch should receive it.