Aeternalae Wiki

Concordia on Horizon[]

"Concordia, founded by Ekstasis in the name of Joie for all." is one of many cornerstones to be found about this Horizon Realm.

What exactly is Concordia?[]

Concordia, at least in its current locally accessible incarnation, is a Horizon Realm created for the express purpose of furthering Awakening, magickal development, free thought, and generally all endeavors of willworkers dedicated to a better world for everyone. It is located far outside of consensus reality, right on the edge of imagination, in other words, on the Horizon.

Faerie in Concordia?[]

As with anywhere else that touches the vast expanse of Faerie, Concordia shares space with this realm. Unlike on Earth, out on the Horizon, this can be done completely. Evangela Anikira's title means that when it comes to matters of Faerie in Concordia, it is her responsibility and she has the authority. This also extends to generally leading affairs around Concordia, which keeps her busy considering she has Planet Lilith to run as well.