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Blair Anikatie
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Blair Anikatie




June 5th, 2011


Kaitlyn Anisophia




Blair Anikatie is an Aeternalae who originally hailed from Europe. Formerly a paranormal investigator, she spent approximately a year among the Aeternalae as a ningen before accepting the Touch and becoming one of them

Ningen History

The child that would grow up to take the pseudonym Blaze was born to a family of paranormal investigators. They had stopped investigating long before he was born however and found more lucritive business in mearly destroying paranormal entities for money. Blaze however was facinated with the paranormal and spent a great deal of time studying it, as well as more traditional means of exorcism. This made him the black sheep of the family and he was ridiculed by his father and siblings.

At the age of 18, Blaze, sick of the ridicule he endured from his family, fled home, taking with him many rare and valuble artifacts stored inside a coat that contained a pocket dimension. While fleeing, he got lost in the thick woods that surrounded the family home and found himself in the Haven of Aeternalae.

Aeternalae Birth[]

On June 5th, 2011 Blaze recieved the Touch from Kaitlyn Anisophia willingly. She took the name Blair for herself.

Life as an Aeternalae

Blair has spent her short time as an Aeternalae with her arivida Katie and her Sister Lana, who was Touched shortly after herself.