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Bella's 'human-like' appearance

Sketch of Full-Human Bella, in Steampunk garb for fun

Bella is the sister of Alyta, and Anina of Eri. Bella, full name Christina Annabella Anieri, was a longtime observer of the Aeternalae, especially Eri and Alyta. It didn't take very long for Christopher to approach Eri, and soon Bella was born.

Playful, a touch moody, and VERY geeky, while still a mature demure woman, Bella tends to enjoy the same computer/comics/television lifestyle as always, just....there tends to be a LOT more female heroines in what she follows these days.

Noteable characteristic is that Bella shifts between a brown or blackhaired look, and a Sailor Mercury-like Blue-nette, with VERY Japanese looks, a direct result of her personal image shifting depending on her mood. The happier she is, the more 'anime' she becomes. Some even claim she starts looking almost cel-shaded if she's extremely joyous, but this hasn't been proven as of yet. She's taken to, when fully 'human', focusing on mantaining that, and cosplaying in Steampunk Garb. She's a huge fan of Victoriana, thanks to Jennifer Anikerina's influence, and it shows often in her more formal clothing

Strangely, Christopher is still a part of her life. Literally. The two coexist, quite amiably, and according to Chris, it's rather like having a sister who knows everything. All in all, a wonderful situation for them both.

Bella Anieri (full: Christina Annabella Anieri)
Age: apparent 28-30 years old
Eye color: Sapphire Blue
Height: Approx. 5 foot 8 inches
Hates: Untoward Anger, Bigotry in any form, Lack of Common Sense
Faves: Japanese Tokusatsu, Asian Cuisine, Legos, the Occasional Magical Girl