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April in Nekomata form

April Aniamy is an Anina of Amy Anikerina. A normal transgendered Ningen up until 2006, April was Touched by Amy during that year, and, in the process, swapped a piece of her soul with that of her Arivida.

For a time, April was an Aiborae, a type of being related to the Ovalisks. However, as Amy began to transform into another, mysterious Ae-like being, April began to follow suit.

In her current time of confusion and soul-searching, April has taken the form of a Nekomata of roughly eleven years old. April could be considered something of a tsundere...She has a tendency to be brash, impulsive, and egotistical, but over time she has gradually grown closer to acheiving the peaceful, compassionate state of mind that she always admired in the Ovalisks.