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The Angelic Quicksilver Protectorate



Current Leader:

Kira Anijenni



Prominent Members:


The Angelic Quicksilver Protectorate is an Aeternal faction that sees itself as the protector of the multiverse.  It seeks to defeat Zerouboros and stop the more destructive Mazoku Aeternalae factions, such as the Glorious Three Sun Army.  Their primary base of operations is the Celestial Quickcitadel in Shinkai.

Its name relates to the two different meanings of Mercury, the element also named quicksilver, and the god Mercury, messenger of the Gods. The Quicksilver Protectorate believes strongly that Aeternalae should not act warlike and should instead try to help those who need it. Their Recension tactics, when necessary, often involve peaceful diplomatic games. They are led by Originae Mang. Piagoyle the Hopewind swears absolute loyalty to them and their mission.

The Quicksilver Protectorate is also well known for being one of few factions that actively recruits Ewigilen and treats them as equals, often pairing an Aeternal with an Ewigil in their missions.

Recently one of its members, Kira Anijenni, has taken charge in the long absence of their leader. She commands and protects with firm resolve and devotion.