Amy Anikerina


Angelic Quicksilver Protectorate, Primium Angels


Counselor, Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Aiborae


(Current Earth (for her current body))





Amy Anikerina appears to be a human male to female transsexual that had started living as her true self before ever hearing about the Eternals/Aeternalae.  However, her feelings and experiences during her early transition bear some odd similarities to things Aeternalae.

She was first Touched by Nikkou in July 2004 C.E. by this earth's reckoning.  But Nikkou later apparently decided that she was no longer an Aeternalae, which left Amy an "orphan".

Amy still felt she was an Aeternalae, to the point that Eri swore Amy in as her first acolyte Priestess of the Eternal Silver Flame on May 20, 2005.

Amy was adopted by Kerina on May 23, 2005. Kerina later Touched Amy on July 4, 2005 C.E., thus giving Amy her current name.

However, Amy didn't remain a normal Aeternal, she kept changing, through an intermediary stage (that can be mistaken as a seperate form), until she apparently became an Ovalisk.  Although Aeternals can change to Ovalisk-like states either by choice or by chance, Amy appeared to have become a full Ovalisk. She still retained her personality and memories, but they had underwent the Ovalisk cutification.

It turned out though, that Amy was actually a type of being called an Aiborae. The double Touch Aeternalae energy and a feed in of "Ovalisk" energy had started waking her up.   When she had Touched her Anina, she had actually converted them to slumbering Aiborae too.  When Amy, their Aibora Originae, awakened, they were given the choice of awakening as Aiborae. And it turned out that one of her Anina, Kiera was instead actually the other half of the Aibora Originae pair, and not her Anina after all.

Amy's Aiborae form was that of a cute little girl of about 7.  She took an Aiborae name of Hiroko.  She would answer to either of her names, but liked her Aiborae one a lot.

After having a Ningen that she loved deeply die, and being visited and comforted by that person after their death (in a "dream"), Amy evolved out of being an Aiborae into some sort of being that has been speculated by Kerina to be closer to the true Ae. What this means for Amy and others is yet to be discovered.

She follows the philosopy of "A stranger is just a friend that you haven't met yet."

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