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Akemi Leena is a bit of an enigma. She is the Originae of the True Moon Conpurifan Army, but recently went into a form of self-imposed exile. Her origins are always murky and her "creation" story seems to vary one day to the next. The most consistent one is this: Akemi was believed to have been born in Japan on some First Realm variant of Earth as a Youkai called a "Nekomata". Little else is known, not even the era she was born or how she was raised. Even her very name has a tendency to change every so often, however she's kept "Akemi" consistently for over a year, as it was given to her by a friend. It means "All things bright and beautiful", which she highly approves of since it doesn't pigeonhole her into any singular form. It's very likely her permanent choice.

Indeed, Akemi's very form changes from world to world, little remaining consistent except her hair (which is often blue or, if blue would stand out too much, brownish/black). Supposedly, like the phases of the moon, her Faction had the same tendency. She is very drawn to the power of the moon, as well as the beauty of thunderstorms and tends to gravitate to whatever offers her either. Aside from her name and her hair, she also remains in the form of some type of Aeternalae (even if its a very little exposed Aeternal variant). She also retains a bond with Alphariginae Leena who's guided her in the past and whom Akemi chose her last name after.

Akemi is a dreamer deep down, and aggressively strives to make a perfect world -- sometimes stepping on toes with a "means justify the ends" ambition. Knowing her personally requires a lot of patience as she sometimes has a tendency to be selfish (Akemi subconciously believes she should be the center of the universe), however the patience is rewarded with a generous spirit and a loyal friend. Though you don't see it as much online (excessive internet use is a killer on her mood) Akemi is energetic and spunky, though sometimes a bit oblivious to the obvious.

Forms Akemi has been seen in:

* Nekomata catgirl (original?)
* Human girl
* Human boy (Akemi is very fond of this form, hence why she has it for her exile)
* Winged Clansman
* Orc
* Elves of a couple types
* Ovalisk (named Aoi Eien)
* Various inanimate forms
* Leena (she and Leena were symbiotic for a while)

Akemi had also founded the Aeternal Pledged, and most knowledge regarding the Aeternalae found on these pages, are indeed, the direct fruits of her labor. However, she has an uncanny knack for expressing false modesty.