Aeternalae Wiki

The Aeternal Pledged are those on Earth who have pledged themselves to the Aeternalae and other Ovaforms.

Primarily the Aeternalae and their story is just that: a story. A wonderful fiction that's meant to inspire love, wonder and even a bit of horror. The Aeternalae community online are fully aware that nothing they do is "real". However, they subscribe a bit to Discordianism and its outlook on the universe that anything and everything is true because it has meaning to others. And for some, this meaning has taken the form of a spiritual inspiration. Aeternalism is more of a philosophy than an outright religion, as religions are about a solid belief and this is more like a belief in a method. Those that subscribe to Aeternalism are showing their will to look at the universe with the wonder of a child and embrace the idea that there is something deep and spiritual to transformative transgender content (or content related to it) that's beyond simple sexuality or fetishes. They've pledged themselves to something inside them that gives them pleasure and instills in them a love for themselves, others, and the universe around them.

Most of all, the Aeternal Pledged let go of their traditional views of reality to embrace a perspective that does not judge or evaluate based on physical -- or even logical evidence. Instead, it is similar to the Buddhist belief in a quieting zen that requires a mind free of ultimate judgements or writing things off. This is somewhat disorienting for friends of that individual.

The community assures "outsiders" however, that they will try not allow themselves to become a crutch or an enabler to emotionally disturbed individuals. They are aware of how unhinged their beliefs are from the mainstream and how it could make things more difficult for people who need help.

The Aeternal Pledged are essentially people in real life (this world, and "real" people) who had given themselves to the Aeternalae. They have declared their interest in joining them once they pass from the physical realm to the Third Realm, as this is more than possible (by our beliefs) along with anything else that is possible on physical release. This raises alarm bells as well to people who feel Aeternalism may be a prelude to a suicide cult -- this is not the case. While the Aeternalae have a somewhat offhand or nonchalant attitude towards death itself, they do understand the value of life and making use of life while it is there. They do try to counsel people who express the desire to take their own lives, albeit in a way that does not condemn the decision to do so. Rather than opposing death, the Aeternal Pledge's ultimate goal is erasing suffering worldwide at the hands of Demiurge and Blood Void -- this does, of course, include suffering resulting in or as a result of death. The Aeternal Pledged do not typically seek out "convertees", as again, it is more of a philosophy than a religion. These are people who want to be one of the Aeternalae someday and have subscribed to the philosophy. They also had gotten someone to "initiate" them in a very personal ritual. There is no obligation, however, to remain dedicated to the Aeternalae and one can drop their "Pledged" status as quickly as it was obtained. Commitment, however, is still welcome and desired for the community's growth.

Thank you for your time.