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An Aeternal is a member the largest race of Ovaforms other than the Ovalisks themselves. They are the namesake for the site this Wiki is based on. They are all female without exception. Ovalisks evolve into them when exposed to spiritual or semi-spiritual environments such as Makai, Shinkai or various other Subrealms like the Tief Plane. Likewise, their bodies are only semi-physical, being not entirely like a solid ghost or a spirit. It is for this reason that Aeternalae are sometimes catagorized as Youkai. Aeternalae often boast this is because they're male to female transgender transformation (colloquially known as simply "Zappy") as a concept given sentience. Since their natural form is only semi-physical, they're effectively ageless and immortal and their deaths can only drive them off First Realms for periods of time (usually a millenia, using Earth-standard calendars).

Aeternalae undoubtebly are best well known for their Touch, which (unlike Ovalisks) is dormant unless activated and makes the active part (usually their hands) distinctly glow. If the Touch is not active, tactile contact with an Aeternal is harmless. If tactile contact is made with one susceptable to their touch, it first induces or surfaces a target's femininity and causes masculine traits and bodily flaws to yield or recede. A male will become female. Continued contact will result in the victim losing consciousness for a short time. If contact is maintained and the Aeternal is allowed to drive the transformation deep enough, it will cause a completely transformation of the victim's body, mind, and even soul into a state of femininity. If this is allowed to continue completely to the point victim awakes, they'll have irreversably become another Aeternal barring an event or process equally drastic. Moreover, the victim will have become so changed that they'll feel their new body and soul as their true selves no matter how they viewed Aeternalae or femininity prior to the Touch. Typically they will feel intense love for the person who Touched them, and the word Arivida will be the word they'll use to describe that person. Conversely, Anina will be the term for the new Aeternal. This is very similar to a mother/daughter relationship but with a greater sense of equality and sorority.

While Ovalisks are feared for their ability to uproot one's identity, the Aeternalae are even more so as most beings are highly protective of their soul and the inability to truly kill an Aeternal. It does not help that there are Mazoku Aeternalae from Makai that take full advantage of this fear to overrun Ningenkai and numerous First Realms at any chance they get. Despite the large amounts of stigma associated with them, Aeternalae have a reputation for both being very beautiful and even the most brutal of Mazoku Aeternalae have a very hard to repress sense of gentility and tenderness.

Typically Mazoku Aeternalae are considered the exception rather than the rule (despite their mobility and numbers) and most Aeternalae do not show overly aggressive tendencies in creating more of themselves. All the same, they're usually very eager to have new sisters and often attempt to play the role of a matron spirit for male to female transsexuals whom they readily welcome into their society.


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